Story of a Secret Heart: Airport run

‘As soon as I texted Ben saying I had landed, he texted back with, ‘I’m at the airport to pick you up. I’ve been here two hours waiting as I didn’t know your flight number.’ My heart immediately sank, since I was obviously in my apartment in my PJ’s watching TV! At that moment in time, I probably should have owned up and just admitted the truth. Nonetheless, once again I did not. What I actually did, was re-pack two suitcases (In a hurry, re-packing those suitcases was an absolute mission, I can tell you now), put my passport back in my handbag (that I very nearly forgot to do and would have given the whole game away if it had still been on the table when I walked back in), got dressed, tidied up the apartment so it looked like no one had been there, and got a taxi all the way back to the airport. When the taxi driver asked me if I was going anywhere nice, I don’t think I have ever laughed so much. He must have thought I was insane.’


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