Story of a Secret Heart: A druken mess

As I promised I would be out in two minutes, he hung up the phone and waited for his beautiful girlfriend to wow his friends in her gorgeous pink dress. When I finally staggered out of the apartment block, I was wearing the same shorts I had worn to the beach, a very old baggy orange shirt with holes in it that I honestly thought I had thrown away months before and, of course, my Jimmy Choo shoes. Although I had managed to have a shower, I had for some reason not managed to wash my hair, and because I had been in and out the ocean all day, it was windswept, salty and frizzy. As if a final kick in the gut for Ben, I managed to drunkenly fall down the steps of my apartment block on my way out to the car. Although I completely blamed the shoes, I was, to say the least, a drunken mess.

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