GREAT reviews :)

Chick-Lit & Romantic Comedy Collide…as New Novel Straps in for Rollercoaster “Breaking Up” Ride!

11 thoughts on “GREAT reviews :)

  1. ireadnovels says:

    I would, but I don’t read kindle. I only read paperbacks or hardback. Or online WordPress sites. But maybe I could review it as I have read some of the stories on your WordPress and loved them all.

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  2. ireadnovels says:

    Hi Cassi as I am in the UK, I have submitted 5 star feedback for your kindle book on the Amazon uk. Did you read any books on how to write very short stories or flash fiction? Is there any books that you would recommend that I read?

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    • cassiellensecretstory says:

      O that is so great of you thank you so very much :). I am so glad you enjoy it! I enjoyed writing it!
      No I didn’t read any books on short stories but I prob should have LOL.
      One of my favourite books ever is ‘Jackels Dance’…’s not well known but I really enjoyed it. Are you on Good reads?


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