Reviewer wanted!

Is anyone interested in reviewing my first book (on Amazon and / or their blog). FREE copies available for a limited few. Please comment if you are interested.*Version*=1&*entries*=0




84 thoughts on “Reviewer wanted!

  1. ireadnovels says:

    I would but prefer reading actual books. If you get any paperbacks, please let me know. Hope you have a nice day.


  2. VSG Aimee says:

    Hey! Sounds good ๐Ÿ˜€! My email is aimee dot pickett at g mail dot com. I will download the kindle app and read it on my phone. Thanks!

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  3. Tom says:

    Thank you for choosing to follow my blog. I would be interested in reading and reviewing your book on my blog if it is still available. I have a Kindle that I like to read on.

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      • Tom says:

        Thank you for your concern. I have already downloaded it on my Kindle to read. The only real concern I would have is if it is filled with vulgar language or descriptions. Should that be a concern of mine with your book?

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      • cassiellensecretstory says:

        No not at all. I even went as far as ### the swear words (there are very few) because if my mum read it should would go mad lol! And no I don’t think the descriptions are vulgar, there are no sex scenes or anything like that.

        Happy reading :). I will be so interested to hear what you think and I am very excited for you to read it. I do hope you enjoy it but please do leave an honest review on Amazon whatever you think .

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      • Tom says:

        Thank you. I will leave one on Good Reads and my blog for sure. I don’t have a personal Amazon acct. it is in my wife’s name. So I’m not sure how to leave one there but I will try.

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