Sorry everyone for being a bit slack recently. If I haven’t got back to people I promise I will soon (or comment below to remind me!). I’ve just started a new job (which I love!) and it has been full on.

PLUS I am off on holidays tomorrow for a week :)! Please please consider reading my book while I am away and let me know what you think so I have loads of reviews to come home to!


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Writing as Therapy


When I met a blogger…..and what she had to say about me….

In a cool, understated bar in a very sleepy English town I sit beneath the glowing Eddison bulbs that now light-up any good drinking establishment, and watch as a calm, collected woman walks towards me. Cassi Ellen radiates the quiet confidence that you would expect from an author. Except Cassi is not your usual author. As a science graduate, she has found authorship entirely by accident and, as she pulls up a pew serenely, it’s hard to imagine that this warm, friendly, steady woman has been close to breaking point. Yet, that’s exactly what happened, and it sparked a journey which let loose her creativity…

Honest reviews….

A huge thank you to all the reviewers that have finished my book already :). It’s been a real mixed bag, from:

A 5 star: ‘I laughed until I cried’

To a 4.5 star: ‘lovely book about starting over and surviving a broken heart’

To a 4 star: ‘this story reads like a Jackie Collins novel, sizzling, sexy, colourful and at times downright dangerous’

To a 3 star: ‘….quick and fluid reading. It gave the text a conversational tone’

To a 1 star that called it ‘pornographic’ (I’m strangely proud of this one!)

Please please keep them coming!

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Give it a try……

I don’t think there is anything worse in life than having negative people around you.

Most of us can get through difficult situations with the support and help of our friends and family. But if those people happen to be negative / spiteful / resentful / hurtful things can easily get out of control. It is very easy for other peoples’ negativity to bring you down and effect your everyday life. Don’t let it happen!

Personally, I have had to exclude numerous negative people from my life and it was the best thing I ever did (although I couldn’t see it at the time!). I highly recommend putting yourself first (if possible) and ridding yourself of anyone that puts you down!

Story of a Secret Heart – Cassi Ellen

A beautifully written review :). Thank you.

The Story Collector

1459790813In this fast-paced chick-lit we follow the adventures of Cassi, a 30-year old Brit living in Australia, dealing with the fallout of a long term relationship. In an attempt to deal with her heartbreak, Cassi drinks heavily and phones her ex 30 times per-day, until she meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger who introduces her to the world of the rich and dangerous – a world she grows to love but knows that she can’t be a part of forever.

Some of Cassi’s escapades were questionable to say the least. As quite a reserved 20-something, I did have some difficulty connecting with her character. My biggest issue was struggling to understand why she was even with her horrible boyfriend to start with because he sounded like a complete arse, and I would have run a mile from the word go. Despite this, every woman will be able to relate to Cassi to some extent, and…

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