My best friend Coco

Lots of people don’t understand cats, and a lot of people have laughed at the relationship I have with Coco, my cat.

But not many people understand the whole story. How when I turned around and was so alone, she was the only one there. She was the one I came home to, it was her fur that I cried into, it was her that made me get out of bed in the morning (literally! because she wanted her breakfast!), it was her that sat with me and watched me cry, it was her that made me laugh, it was her that slept by my head every night, it was her that never once judged me (no matter what time I came home!).

I was 10,000 miles away from home. She was my family and my friends. She was all I had.

You don’t forget something like that. You don’t turn your back on that kind of loyalty. Ever.

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