Story of a Secret Heart: Dating again.

However, not giving up, I decide to give a second man a try. Don’t ask me why now, but it felt like a good idea at the time. Elly loved to hear my dating disaster stories over lunch the next day, and I guess between us we thought it was pretty funny. When I arranged to meet the second man, I didn’t tell Ben again as it was just a coffee, and what was the point in upsetting him and putting pressure on our friendship / relationship if it doesn’t go anywhere? The man turned out to be a creep.

After informing me that he would pay my rent, he very stupidly said to me, ‘When I come over to your house, you will have to lock your cat in the bathroom as I don’t want “it” crawling all over me.’ Number one, you will never be allowed in my house, I thought, and number two, if she did crawl on you, it would be an honour, as she doesn’t crawl on just anyone! Although that man actually offered me $2000 a week to have dinner with him on Fridays and Saturdays, I rejected the offer and got the hell out of there. See you laters, cat haters!

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