Relationships, to me, have always seemed a little over-rated. It always seems like people are trying so desperately hard to make things work. In reality, I’m just not sure whether the human race was meant to be forced into such social situations.

I, personally, have never really been very good at relationships. I’ve always found them way more difficult and exhausting than I probably should of. I’ve never ever been in a relationship that ‘just worked’. All my relationships have, in one way or another, drained me to the point where I have just wanted to be single (I’m actually pretty dam good at being single, even if I do say so myself). However, I guess the common denominator here is myself and so I have to take on the responsibility for that.

There is one relationship that I would say did work, in its own fucked up way, and that was the relationship I had with Ben……


Fancy a break from normality?

Would any book reviewers like to review my book for their blog? ALL reviews are welcome: critical, good, bad, emotional, funny, British, American. All are welcome!

I’ve had lots of wonderful reviews so far (take a look for yourself), but I love reading them so much (even the critical / bad ones) I really would like some more.

Check out the book and leave a comment if you are interested. It’s chick-lit / women’s fiction / relationship humour  / dating grit. Written for the broken hearted, or anyone who fancies a break from normality. Based on a true story!

Being strong

I guarantee that no matter how strong you think you are, you are always stronger than you know.

When life throws something really shitty at you, this is your time to shine :). This is your time to prove others wrong.

TV :)

Today I have spent the afternoon watching series six of The Walking Dead (I missed it on the TV, so have had to wait for the box set). I literally am addicted:)! I cant stop watching. The writing is incredible, even after six series! I honestly don’t know how the writers keep it this good. The imagination and ‘cleverness’ is something really special. “Bravo”! Bring on series seven:)!

My other favourite box sets include Prison Break  (LOVE!), Ugly Betty, Lost, Desperate Housewives and Cougar Town.

What are your favouite box sets and why :)?


Book Review: Story of a Secret Heart

Where Dragons Reside

Book Title: Story of a Secret Heartstory

Book Author: Cassi Ellen

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Rating: 5 Dragon Paws 5 paws

I met Cassi through WordPress last week. After reading her About section on her blog, I downloaded her book to read and here is my review.

Though there are some typos, this novel gets 5 dragon paws mainly due to the fact that Cassi is one strong female! I mean seriously, to write down her experiences in Australia and with the details of encounters, I would be not able to write something like even if it did something like that happen to me. I did almost set down the novel for good when I got to the chapter about Coco because those type of stories make me sad. I went through similar situations with my own cats and it hurt to read.

What I also learned was that British people are really nice and can’t…

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Bad review cont.

So in my latest review (which was pretty terrible, but for some reason has caused quite a stir online…I wont share it again but the link is in my previous post), the reviewer questioned why the main character (basically ME) would jump into dangerous or stupid decisions because ‘I went to University and worked in a hospital’.

When I was reading this it took a while to sink in. Why would someone think that just because I have been to University and / or work in a hospital I would make better decisions. I was heartbroken, to me it’s a given that you make stupid decisions when you are a little unstable, whether you went to University or not.

But the ‘hospital’ bit really got me. I guess if you have never worked in a hospital, seen the fear in patients eyes, or even worse (for me anyway) the fear in their families eyes. If you aren’t reminded every single day how truly precious life is, yes I guess you would think people that work at a hospital are saints and don’t make stupid decisions…..

But the opposite is true. After a long, emotional day at work you want to go and enjoy yourself, let go a bit. When you know your life could change, or end, at any moment, you jump into whatever life throws at you. It is the only choice you have.

Plus, if I hadn’t of made all those ‘stupid decisions’  the book would be very very very dull.


Bad reviews.

I always say ‘O I don’t read the bad reviews’, but if I’m honest, I do.

This one is particularly terrible (he/she really didn’t like the book :/!), but it also made me laugh, a lot.

The biggest criticism was that he/she didn’t believe it was true! This has set me into fits of giggles :), because I think I’d feel the same way if I had just read it and not lived it! But I guarantee to you all that it is 100% true. Every single story is true, yes I’ve obviously changed the names, that is a given, but the rest is my honest own story.

It happened. It is real. And I couldn’t be prouder of myself for living something that someone now believes could only be ‘fiction’.


Running and writing are my two therapies.

I started writing at a very difficult time in my life, and it really helped me through some dark times. When I was writing I felt less alone, like I was sort of talking to someone….and I think  that is very much how the book comes across. I am very much telling a story to you, the reader, and it is a very personal one.

I started running after I finished book one. I guess I needed something else to focus on as all of a sudden I had so much free time! I am not the best runner, or the fastest, or the most competitive, but I do enjoy it and it gives me that very valuable ‘me time’ that I think we all really benefit from.

What are your therapies?