Changing the name of a book?

So I’m thinking of changing the name of my book from ‘Story of a Secret Heart’ to ‘Story of a Breakup’ or even ‘Story of a Broken Heart’.

What does everyone think? Good idea to change the name of a book or a bad idea? Are you even allowed to do that on Amazon?

I just think ‘Story of a Secret Heart’ doesn’t really inform the reader enough of what the book is about.

It was released in March this year and has 67 review on .com and combined.



7 thoughts on “Changing the name of a book?

  1. C thehappymeerkat says:

    I haven’t read it yet though will be soon but to me Secret heart has a better ring to it. The word secret makes you wonder and want to find out more. Break up sounds too flat and broken heart sounds like a sad story that maybe someone wouldn’t want to read. Sorry, I’m just thinking from a readers perspective seeing the book in a store. I would keep it but it’s your choice 🙂 ❤


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