Bad reviews.

I always say ‘O I don’t read the bad reviews’, but if I’m honest, I do.

This one is particularly terrible (he/she really didn’t like the book :/!), but it also made me laugh, a lot.

The biggest criticism was that he/she didn’t believe it was true! This has set me into fits of giggles :), because I think I’d feel the same way if I had just read it and not lived it! But I guarantee to you all that it is 100% true. Every single story is true, yes I’ve obviously changed the names, that is a given, but the rest is my honest own story.

It happened. It is real. And I couldn’t be prouder of myself for living something that someone now believes could only be ‘fiction’.


14 thoughts on “Bad reviews.

  1. Jeyran Main says:

    I firstly want to salute you for actually linking a bad review on your website. Secondly, I would like to add that the person who reviewed your book seems to misunderstand what they are to be reviewing.

    There are two approaches to book reviewing:
    Descriptive reviews give the essential information about a book. This is done with description and exposition, by stating the perceived aims and purposes of the author, and by quoting striking passages from the text.

    Critical reviews describe and evaluate the book, in terms of accepted literary and historical standards, and supports this evaluation with evidence from the text. The following pointers are meant to be suggestions for writing a critical review.

    Neither was done by your reviewer. This reviewer just did not like the main lead character’s personality. That does not make your book bad or good.

    In my opinion, ignore the hate and embrace the love. Many suffer through different circumstances. No one can judge someone else when they have not been in their shoes.

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    • cassiellensecretstory says:

      Wow such wise words, wiser than my own. Thank you. đŸ™‚
      I totally believe a ‘bad’ review (although I probably shouldn’t call it that…for want of a better word!) is better than no review at all. At least he/she went out of their way to write the review I guess, and that is why I linked it.
      Thanks again for your kind words đŸ™‚

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  2. pjlazos says:

    So sorry to read that terribly mean review. Gotta take the good with the bad, I guess. Not everyone is going to “get you” even though it’s so very hurtful to hear it. If you were a politician you’d be thrilled if you were polling at higher than 50% so it’s all relative, I guess. Still, it sucks when people are haters. If I don’t like a book, I simply don’t review it, you know, like most mothers say, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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    • cassiellensecretstory says:

      Very true and wise words. I honestly don’t mind the review….that’s why I linked it…I actually found it pretty funny. But people like this really should be more careful about the reviews they write, someone a lot younger (and softer) than me could really take something like this to heart.


  3. Eugenia says:

    The reviewer seem to be more concerned with the character rather than an evaluation or the literary value of the book. I certainly wouldn’t be concerned with the review if I were you. BTW, thank you for the follow.

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