Bad review cont.

So in my latest review (which was pretty terrible, but for some reason has caused quite a stir online…I wont share it again but the link is in my previous post), the reviewer questioned why the main character (basically ME) would jump into dangerous or stupid decisions because ‘I went to University and worked in a hospital’.

When I was reading this it took a while to sink in. Why would someone think that just because I have been to University and / or work in a hospital I would make better decisions. I was heartbroken, to me it’s a given that you make stupid decisions when you are a little unstable, whether you went to University or not.

But the ‘hospital’ bit really got me. I guess if you have never worked in a hospital, seen the fear in patients eyes, or even worse (for me anyway) the fear in their families eyes. If you aren’t reminded every single day how truly precious life is, yes I guess you would think people that work at a hospital are saints and don’t make stupid decisions…..

But the opposite is true. After a long, emotional day at work you want to go and enjoy yourself, let go a bit. When you know your life could change, or end, at any moment, you jump into whatever life throws at you. It is the only choice you have.

Plus, if I hadn’t of made all those ‘stupid decisions’  the book would be very very very dull.



8 thoughts on “Bad review cont.

  1. romancingmyself says:

    Writing a book about yourself and making it a fictional story has got to not only be hard, but any critic is personal. I don’t know if i could do it. But I have heard that it is a good way to learn about yourself and shed sadness, even if it brings it back around in another form. I did not read or know much about your book, but finding that the story was basically true would make it harder to actually critique. It is 5am, I do not know if that made an ounce of sense. 🙂

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    • cassiellensecretstory says:

      Lol yes it did :). Thank you so much for connecting at that early/late hour :).

      Don’t worry, I am not upset about what he or she said. I wrote the book, I chose to publish it, and so have to expect good and bad reviews (which I do willingly).

      I thought it would be hard too. I was terrified. But when I first published the book, waiting for a bad review was actually far worse than actually reading it. If that makes sense.

      I’ve now had three, what I would call bad reviews, and none of them were as bad as the waiting to get a bad review.

      Ps I LOVE the picture of you are your cat 🙂


      • romancingmyself says:

        Thank You! Agh, I know we are not suppose to take them personal, Reviews, but we do. I know I get rude in my little reviews here, but I am writing them in fun. I try to only cut up to a point, still trying to give positive feedback. It is so hard to have a happy medium ! I thought her review was good and bad, but I just have no idea how i will take them. they say thick skin helps, but if someone argues about a post I write on facebook and I take it down, apparently I have very thin skin. I am kind of a hermit, I lost all my people skills when I moved to the country. Kind of sad. 🙂 My cat is such a fat little thing. I thought that pic was appropriate. 🙂

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