Relationships, to me, have always seemed a little over-rated. It always seems like people are trying so desperately hard to make things work. In reality, I’m just not sure whether the human race was meant to be forced into such social situations.

I, personally, have never really been very good at relationships. I’ve always found them way more difficult and exhausting than I probably should of. I’ve never ever been in a relationship that ‘just worked’. All my relationships have, in one way or another, drained me to the point where I have just wanted to be single (I’m actually pretty dam good at being single, even if I do say so myself). However, I guess the common denominator here is myself and so I have to take on the responsibility for that.

There is one relationship that I would say did work, in its own fucked up way, and that was the relationship I had with Ben……


14 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. Akaluv says:

    I don’t know about relationships being over-rated, but I will say most people end up living the same, boring lives. Grow-up, find a mate, have kids -> everyone does the same thing. I think living like everyone else is over-rated, but then again, I don’t find joy in having kids.

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  2. The Long Victorian says:

    I’m no boffin but I think that some evolutionary psychologists tell us that humans are hard-wired for relationships. In theory, long enough for a child (if there were one) to become semi-independent. It’s been a while since I looked into this, but I believe there is a chemical released to help the bond last for 2 years – and another to help it last 7 years (“7 year itch” anybody?). So much for science.

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  3. Deborah Osborne says:

    Sara Pascoe’s book Animal says we sort of are designed for relationships – but in extended groups so one ‘official’ partner but also playing around within that group to keep the gene pool fresh and because uncertain paternity means that every relevant male in the group will be up for baby sitting 🙂

    I liked being single too. And I think easy relationships only happen in fiction. If you want it you work at it. If the work outweighs the fun you move on. I think the expectations of society (you must be married, have a house, kids, perfect job etc) make it all so much harder than it needs to be though. What Akaluv said really.

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