Getting Noticed (For Writers)

Love this and great advice 🙂


Recently, I read a comment on one of my blogs. The comment mentioned how there are so many writers online; it’s like you’ll never get noticed. Honestly, I couldn’t deny the truth of those words. The longer a website or Amazon book stays online, the more content there is to compete with. In a world where writers can just post their first drafts and self-published books online, how does a new writer hope to get noticed?

Well, we already talked about marketing and going the traditional route, but what’s after that? I guess it depends on what you want to get out of writing.

Sometimes it surprises me that I almost have 500 followers on WordPress, but I wasn’t able to get noticed on Wattpad.

If you don’t have success on one website or book, try something else. The important thing is never to give up. If you keep working…

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