Be proud

Yesterday I was having a bit of a ‘poor me’ day, which I don’t have very often and so really did get me down. But today is a new day, and I’m thinking about everything I’ve achieved in my life. I thought I would write them down here, firstly to remind myself, and secondly so you guys could think about everything you have achieved in your life.

Completed an undergrad degree

Volunteered in Uganda and Tanzania đŸ™‚

Completed a Masters degree

Did a Bungee jump

Jumped out of a plane (a sky dive)

Rescued three fur babies from certain death at the pound

Travelled the world

Fallen in love

Was bridesmaid at an Indian wedding in India

Wrote a book :):):)

Moved continents (twice!)

Lost all my money in Las Vegas!

Went backpacking alone

Survived a broken heart

Been on safari in Africa

Swam with dolphins (in the WILD)

Ran a half marathon


What are you most proud of?

Be proud of yourself, no matter what :).



10 thoughts on “Be proud

  1. Camera Martin says:

    Wow! You’ve lived quite the life! I can’t imagine having done half of these things, if only because I’m so hesitant to make drastic change. I think I’m most proud of my last year in undergrad. I pushed myself to participate in a lot of organizations and events in the the literary community, and it helped me find my passion for English and promoting diverse literature!

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