All or nothing!

I absolutely love to get out in the countryside and go for a run or ride my bike. It’s one of my favourite things to do at the weekend.

This weekend however, I got all ready to go for a bike ride, went out to the garage to get my bike and I had lost the garage key! After 30 minutes of looking for the key, I gave up and sat on the sofa all afternoon, in my PJs, eating Nutella out of the jar :).

I am definitely an all or nothing kind of girl!


Story of a Secret Heart

I really like this review from a ‘top 500 reviewer’:). It has certainly made me question my marketing and the genre I ‘squeeze’ the book into.

As Always, I thank every single person who reviews my book, but a special thank you to 🙂

Of Love & Order part 3: Right/Wrong Reasons To Be In A Relationship

A great article


newlywed-relationship-miskates Courtesy of

What’s Your Motive?

There are all sorts of reasons why people get into relationships. To some degree the rush for marriage is as epidemic as the rate of divorce. One can say that people would love to be married just as badly and quickly as others want to end the marriage! It then just becomes a cycle. The sad reality is that the world has diminished the true value and purpose of love so much so that the covenant and bond that ties two heterosexual people together is flippantly regarded and acknowledged. Being married turns into a high school and college relationship where you are essentially “testing the waters,” you’re not sure if you really want to be with the person or if you are right for each other. Imagine? By marriage, you are still uncertain of your compatibility and your purpose for being together? It’s like…

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