Summer sunshine

So it’s nearly summer time over here in the UK (sorry to everyone in the southern hemisphere where summer is nearly over!).

I absolutely love the summer time and sitting in the sunshine is by far my favorite thing to do.

My summer countdown……

  1. Sunbathing with my cats! Cats LOVE sunshine and they make such cute chirpy noises when they are sunbathing, it really is so endearing.
  2. Playing with my nieces and nephews. Children LOVE sunshine and I just love to play tag in the garden, or jump on the trampoline, when the sun is out.
  3. Family meals in the sunshine. Families LOVE sunshine and there is nothing like a family BBQ in the sunshine.
  4. Pool parties. O how my friends and I LOVE a good pool party! I love wearing my bikini with heels, it just feels so naughty, and I totally love dancing by the pool. It’s almost like, in that one moment, you are completely living the dream.
  5. A day on the ocean. I absolutely ADORE boats, I honestly can’t get enough of them! I could sit on a boat all day every day and be a very happy sun bunny.
  6. Read a book 🙂 (ALL recommendations welcome!)

I guess what I’m trying to say is everyone loves SUNSHINE!


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