Having children

Sometimes people ask me why I haven’t had children yet. It is actually really f**king annoying!

I mostly answer with, “O I’ll have them soon” (which is usually met with a response of pure excitement); or “I just wanted to travel and experience life first” (which is usually met with a roll of the eyes); or “I wanted to wait until I’m married” (usually met with a sad sympathetic tilt of the head); or my personal favourite “I bloody hate children, they are so f**king annoying” (the best response if you want a sharp end to the conversation).

I’m sure being a mum is the greatest thing in the world, but the way I see it is why rush. Personally, I really do want to live and travel first. I want to be more financially and emotionally stable before I partake in the greatest journey of all. I guess I just want to be able to make my own choices without people judging me (isn’t that what we all want?).

Yes I’m 32 years old, and yes maybe I’m playing with fire, maybe I am leaving it too late, but for now it is what I want to do. And if it doesn’t work out, I only have myself to blame……


2 thoughts on “Having children

  1. Lisa B says:

    Sorry, just dropping in to leave my random two cents, but:
    Yes! It can be soo annoying, I’m not asking other’s super personal questions about their bodies. I got asked more often right after getting married, but thankfully people have mostly laid off on asking after I retort with “We’ll consider it if I can ever find affordable health insurance.” (#murica) On the other hand, maybe they’ve laid off because everyone now fears for what sort of weird demon child I may spawn 😉
    Either way, you do what is right for you!

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