Bikini shopping

Today I’m having body insecurity. I 100% know it happens to everyone, but why does it always hit you when you least expect it!? Yesterday, I was bikini shopping for my holiday next week. After trying on 12 bikinis I decided I was too hideous, fat and ugly to be seen in public ever again, and went home with zero bikinis and a little bit of a broken heart!

But the day started off very positively. I was feeling good! I thought my hard work was paying off. That was until I put on my first bikini!

In the last 3 months, I have spent £400 on a personal trainer, have restricted my calorie intake to less than the squirrel in my garden eats, and run anywhere between 5-10 miles a week! I guess what I’m trying to say is: I TRIED! I really did try. I wanted to feel and look good on my holiday, and so I thought I had put in a good amount of effort to reach those goals.

But I STILL don’t even look close to the women you see in magazines ……. But then again do they even look like that themselves?

What do I do next? Give up and eat cake, and just be happy with the fact that I’m going on holiday? Or do I stick to my goals?



5 thoughts on “Bikini shopping

  1. Lively Life says:

    You’ll still feel healthier if you skip the cake and once you get to the warmer land, maybe won’t feel the need to indulge so much because of the heat.
    I’ve come to realize the bodies in mags or on tv, have a good portion to do with the lighting, or stance or edits. Sure there are a lot out there that are just fit and look great. okay, really they all look so small walking around and all clothes look good on them
    i guess waht im trying to say is that i may be bigger then i want to be, but as long as i feel healthy and putting good things into my body most of the time, im pretty happy. so maybe you can find the balance- and treat yourself without feeling so guilty. i think this comment made a little bit of sense at least , im rambling and such, but have fun on your trip either way- there is always someone bigger, more insecure then you and you can love your body and be confident in it because its yours and your weight doesn’t have to dictate your awesome personality.

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