A real life story….

Take a 30+ year old women, alone, heart broken, and ten thousands miles away from home. Then add an alcoholic roommate and a gangster……..


Happy New Year everyone :)!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I didn’t have a great end to 2016, but today I am back on it :). I hope everyone has a great Christmas / holiday / New Year (I did :)).

How is 2017 coming on for everyone? I just brought myself a car, so for me it has started out very well!

Whatever you are doing….. be happy!


All or nothing!

I absolutely love to get out in the countryside and go for a run or ride my bike. It’s one of my favourite things to do at the weekend.

This weekend however, I got all ready to go for a bike ride, went out to the garage to get my bike and I had lost the garage key! After 30 minutes of looking for the key, I gave up and sat on the sofa all afternoon, in my PJs, eating Nutella out of the jar :).

I am definitely an all or nothing kind of girl!

Story of a Secret Heart

I really like this review from a ‘top 500 reviewer’:). It has certainly made me question my marketing and the genre I ‘squeeze’ the book into.


As Always, I thank every single person who reviews my book, but a special thank you to https://happymeerkatreviews.wordpress.com/ 🙂


Of Love & Order part 3: Right/Wrong Reasons To Be In A Relationship

A great article


newlywed-relationship-miskates Courtesy of brides.com

What’s Your Motive?

There are all sorts of reasons why people get into relationships. To some degree the rush for marriage is as epidemic as the rate of divorce. One can say that people would love to be married just as badly and quickly as others want to end the marriage! It then just becomes a cycle. The sad reality is that the world has diminished the true value and purpose of love so much so that the covenant and bond that ties two heterosexual people together is flippantly regarded and acknowledged. Being married turns into a high school and college relationship where you are essentially “testing the waters,” you’re not sure if you really want to be with the person or if you are right for each other. Imagine? By marriage, you are still uncertain of your compatibility and your purpose for being together? It’s like…

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Be proud

Yesterday I was having a bit of a ‘poor me’ day, which I don’t have very often and so really did get me down. But today is a new day, and I’m thinking about everything I’ve achieved in my life. I thought I would write them down here, firstly to remind myself, and secondly so you guys could think about everything you have achieved in your life.

Completed an undergrad degree

Volunteered in Uganda and Tanzania 🙂

Completed a Masters degree

Did a Bungee jump

Jumped out of a plane (a sky dive)

Rescued three fur babies from certain death at the pound

Travelled the world

Fallen in love

Was bridesmaid at an Indian wedding in India

Wrote a book :):):)

Moved continents (twice!)

Lost all my money in Las Vegas!

Went backpacking alone

Survived a broken heart

Been on safari in Africa

Swam with dolphins (in the WILD)

Ran a half marathon


What are you most proud of?

Be proud of yourself, no matter what :).


Story After a Secret Heart. Written by Ben…

Cassi was infectious. She had a personality like no one I had ever met, and somehow, somewhere along the way I became addicted to her.

She had this idealist view of the world that at first I couldn’t understand, but eventually I grew to admire and love. I still remember the first time she saw me throw litter out of the car window while I was driving along. She started screaming, and I automatically slammed on the car brakes assuming something was terribly wrong. Up until that point I had never seen her angry, but it was almost like I had physically assaulted her the way she was shouting at me. Looking back, in her world, I had. When she stopped shouting she had tears in her eyes and I thought she might cry. I knew I’d never drop litter again.

After that, I started to see the world differently too. But as I became a better person, I think ‘my world’ had the opposite effect on Cassi.